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PDN's dental provider networks are specifically contracted according to the plan sponsors criteria/Plan designs. For example the LP1 Plan design starts out as a discount plan for some specific plan sponsors; however, the network fee schedules can be used for a fully insured plan sponsor, self insured, partially self insured and direct reimbursement plans/ sponsors, all according to the plan sponsors specific funding requirements. The LP1 plan has a discounted fee for service program with a very limited amount of dental care providers accepted into the network. These plans are according to specific discounted fee schedules, tailored to the plan sponsors affordability and dental providers acceptance.

The dental services are offered at a straight discount plan, and/or self funded, fully insured, partially self funded, or direct reimbursement plan in some cases according to the plan sponsors requirements. The PDN network is a network of participating dentists who have agreed to accept payments according to the specific discounted fee schedule's and terms of the specific plans.

Premier Dental Network

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Chicago, IL

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