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Premier Dental Network (PDN) is committed to building quality credentialed dental EPO and PPO specialty networks based upon customized group specifics. PDN customizes recruitment campaigns to target specific dental providers by certain plan designs and geographic area's.

PDN's unique plan designs ensure fixed cost with contractual agreements with dentists, at the same time providing dental providers with new patients. This insures;

• Expansion of access to oral health care to more people who could other wise not afford it
• Provides quality care to members
• Provides dependable service
• Innovation in plan design cost containment and the understanding of the unique balance between the plan sponsor dental care provider and patient

We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable quality dental care. That's why we provide the resources and commitment to assist in promoting access to dental care by structuring the financials of a plan using a simple common sense approach. Which is “It has to benefit everyone” the dentist, the plan sponsor and the member!

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